Arab Clubs Tournament 2018

• The tournament consists of one group playing the league system.
• The tournament is played according to the rules of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Tournament System:
1- runs, each run 20 minutes with time off.
2- Wipe the ice after the first and second half of each match.
3- The tournament is played in 3 points according to the rules of the International Federation.
4- In the case of a draw in the game, it plays an additional 5 minutes with the Golden Goal system
5- If the tie is still in place, the match shall be decided by penalties according to the rules of the International Federation.
6- The winner of the game without additional runs gets 3 points, and the losing team 0.
7- In the event of a tie in the game after its original time, each team is calculated a point.
8- The winning team in extra time or penalty shootings adds a second point.

Competition Arbitration System:
• Tripartite Arbitration System (3 Man System) is applied.
• All IOC rules and regulations apply in the tournament.
• We will attract two referees from the Hungarian Football Federation to cover the tournament, in order to activate the exchange of experiences between the Emirates Federation and the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation in the field of arbitration.

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